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Best Six Corona Virus

Prevention Foods In India

As the corona virus cases continue to grow. Precautions, washing your hands, social distancing, exercises and getting enough sleep can prevent infections.

But it is very important to maintain healthy diet so that our immune system gets strong yet research has not been done on any food that helps fight the corona virus.

But many studies have shown that eating certain foods improves the health of our body. Body gets strength to fight against any virus.

Here are 6 Expert Approved Foods to stock up on during your next grocery store trip, which is extremely beneficial in increasing your immunity and health.


It is not only full of flavours but is also beneficial in physical weakness. If it is taken regularly, it will increase our immunity within a few days, Reduces blood pressure, Reduces the risk of heart related diseases. Due to the high amount of sulphur in it, it is beneficial in fighting many infections. They are used not only in food but also in medicines.

Garlic Image


Shiitake mushroom is said to be perfect for our body. It enhances our immunity as well as gives our body the courage to fight infection. Reduces cholesterol level from our blood. It is used in curing diabetes, eczema, flu and prostate or breast cancer.

Shiitake Mushrooms


Many studies prove that liquorice root possess many pharmacological activities, such as antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor. To use liquorice root(mulethi), boil it in water and drink it twice a day, If you have a cold, you can also make tea with that water.

Liquorice root  Mulethi


There is plenty of vitamin C in broccoli, only one broccoli fulfills our need of vitamin C throughout the day. Broccoli contains anti-oxidants that make our immune system strong, as well as vitamin E, which helps us fight viruses and bacteria. Broccoli can be boiled or eaten as a salad.



Probiotics are found in very high amount in yogurt. It has been reported in many studies. The use of probiotics reduces the effect of infections by the virus in the respiratory system. Adding probiotics to the diet can reduce respiratory tract infections in children. Yogurt is found in many flavors, we can take it during meals or after meals.



Eating a tablespoon of chyawanprash daily enhances immunity and it may help prevent the spread of the virus, according to Ayurveda experts Chyawanprash has the property of making immunity quickly in the body as compared to other things, along with it, Amla, Giloy, Shilajit and Neem leaves provide strength to our body to fight against any disease and infection.



We can easily avoid the corona virus, If we have proper exercise, enough sleep and the most important healthy food in our daily diet, so that our body can fight against any virus, even if it is corona virus, because the way the HIV virus directly attacks our immunity and we cannot do anything. In this case, it is not like that the corona virus does not attack our immunity, so increase your immunity as much as possible so that the corona virus were ripe spoiling anything. 

Just remember one thing that no virus or any bacteria can not infest you if your immunity is strong.

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