[Best] Ways To Stay Healthy In Corona Virus Self Quarantine


[Best] Ways To Stay Healthy

In Corona Virus Self Quarantine

All the people are very worried not only us but the whole world is struggling with this crisis. In this situation, almost every country has gone down to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. Everyone is in their home because of the Coronavirus lockdown. 

In these circumstances we have only to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.  At this time only due to self quarantine, everyone's routine has been disturbed. Due to the closure of all fitness centers, park, yoga classes and gyms we are becoming lazy sitting in the house.

corona virus

In the event of such a crisis, we need to be active and remain fit and we do not have any health related problems at all because government have stopped all the facilities due to the lockdown.

so stay fit as much as possible so that your immunity becomes strong, through this your body is ready to fight against any foreign agent and for the virus to not take any action in your body.

Here are some awesome ways to stay healthy even in lockdown :

1. Regular Exercise

Fitness equipments

You can stay fit and healthy even at home for which you exercise for about 20 minutes a day, eat good and nutritious food, have a full sleep, keep the mind calm, follow the exercise plan given below.

2. Take Short Active Breaks

Playing with children

Try to take two to three short active breaks in the day, in which you can do stretching, dancing, housework and play with children.

3. Be In Shape


You can burn calories while staying at home. Try to do most of your work by standing and moving at home as much as possible.

4. Meditation


Do meditation once or twice throughout the day and keep your mind calm by taking a deep breath.

5. Avoid These

French fries

Do not drink sweetened beverages during self quarantine, reduce the use of salt, fat and sugar in your meals and do not consume alcohol.

6. Follow Exercise Plan Below

You must add the following exercises to your routine during self quarantine, these are all basic exercises. If you are having trouble doing them or have any question, then you can also search them on the Internet or YouTube.
  1. Plank
  2. Back Extensions
  3. Squats
  4. Side Knee Lifts
  5. Superman
  6. Chair Dips
  7. Bridge
  8. Chest Opener
  9. Push Ups
  10. Knee To Elbow
  11. Child's Pose
  12. Lunges
  13. Seated Meditation
  14. Legs Up The Wall
  15. Crunches
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