Dietary Supplements: Usage, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Dietary Supplements: Usage, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Dietary Supplements:

Usage,Benefits,Dosage,Side Effects

Only bodybuilders need to take supplements, so I would not hesitate to say that this is completely wrong because the need of supplement is for every person who lacks any nutrients in the body. Supplements can be called drugs but they work very differently from medicine. 

You do not need any health prescription to take supplements means you can buy them according to yourself, you just have to identify in your body which are the deficient nutrients. I will recommend that you do not take supplements without the advice of your health expert or doctor. Quality, dosage, ingredients and many things of supplements are inspected by food and drug administration.

As I have already told you that supplements are needed by those who lack any nutrients in their body such as Protein deficiency, Carbs deficiency, Vitamins deficiency etc. they can be micronutrients or macronutrients or both. 

Dietary Supplements

We have to face many troubles when our bodies are lacking any nutrients. Protein deficiency causes weakness, muscle cramping, muscle loss, soreness and vitamin deficiency causes bleeding gums, poor night vision, dandruff, hair loss, skin infection and more. Most essential vitamins are Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K .

You are giving proper amount of nutrition to your body daily from healthy food, but if your body is not absorbing them properly then even in such a situation you need dietary supplements. 
If you go to the gym every day and do high intensity workouts, whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, it is necessary for you to take supplements along with proper diet, keeping your body healthy and giving everything that it needs.

it defines your character, it shows how aware you are towards your health, supplements also have limitations and side effects. So always treat supplements as an addon, do not make the mistake of making it a meal.


Dietary Supplements: Usage, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Today, health supplements are being used on a large scale.According to the National Institute, the number of consumers taking supplements is increasing every year the reason for this is their great results because people want to achieve more results in less time with less effort.

There is no doubt that supplements are most commonly used in body building people are buying supplements like protein, amino acids, pre workouts by paying more money but people who don't get time to eat properly. They cannot provide proper nutrition to their body, so they use supplements to avoid diseases.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle then make multivitamins, fish oil a part of your meal. If you go to the gym every day, then your body needs Creatine, Protein, BCAA, Beta Alanine, Weight Gainer then include them in your diet.

Every dietary supplement company says that if you are above 18 years of age, then you can take supplements if you need. It is important for us to take supplements only after this age  because by this time, our body matures and begins to understand and absorb things that are given out externally.


Dietary Supplements: Usage, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Supplements don't have one or two benefits in our life, but they have many benefits that make our life happy, keep our body healthy, we feel good, we are active all day. Whatever your goal is, such as Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Cutting, Flexibility, peed, Agility, you can achieve your goal naturally by supplementing in a short time.

Almost everyone in our country and all over the world is suffering from obesity and the other hand due to lack of adequate nutrition, people are becoming underweight. Everyone makes fun and comments on them, in such a situation, we can't depend on diet and workouts only.

We need supplements to boost our spirits and confidence because of long time and hard work people get scared and become unable to begin their goal. Supplements provide both vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in a person diet. 

By using supplement you can decrease the risk of any micro or macro nutrients deficiency, can help you  digest food. Dietary supplements helps to improve many bodily functions and can assist with mental health. Doctors recommend taking folic acid supplements to those who suffer from anemia so that sufficient blood is formed in them.


Dietary Supplements: Usage, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

The National Institute of Health has stated the normal dosage of all supplements. There is no fixed dosage of the supplement, the dosage always varies from supplement to supplement.

You can decide your dosage according to the supplement company, but I will recommend that you consult with your health expert and take it according to your body's requirement like you can take creatine about 8 to 10 grams a day.

You can take up to 30 grams of creatine a day, but you always have to take dosage according to your body need. Similarly BCAA, take 20 grams daily, 10 grams of glutamine and do not increase the protein supplement more than three scoops.

It is very important that you follow the right dosage, otherwise you may have to face many diseases instead of benefits. Never listen to anyone's advice, just consult your fitness expert or check on Google. Supplements will not leave any shortage in improving your body, but just the wrong dosage can cause you huge problems. If you use supplements, you must include probiotics, antioxidants and immunity enhancing foods in your diet foods including Broccoli, Liquorice root, Yogurt, Oats etc.

Complementary and Integrative health is very important integrative health care is approach to care that seeks to integrate the best medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, healing & wellness.

Complementary heart approaches are medical and health care system, practices and products that originated outside of mainstream medicine. They include techniques performed by a practitioner such as acupuncture, massage therapy and spinal manipulation & many natural products like herbs, probiotics and fish oil.


Side Effects

Dietary Supplements: Usage, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Supplementation has many benefits if taken in the right way, at the right time, in the right amount. But if taken incorrectly, it can prove to be harmful for you. If you are under 18 years of age and using supplements, it will definitely harm you.

Your body will not be able to digest them or absorb. In such a situation, supplements will harm the basic and vital functions of your body. Don't use supplements if you are already suffering from a disease and are undergoing treatment with a doctor.If you are suffering from liver or kidney disease and use supplements, it is called axing on your own feet.

In such a situation, you should not use dietary supplements at any cost but if you want to use supplements, then consult your doctor. Taking supplement can affect your blood pressure. If you are suffering from cardiovascular disease and use supplements then it is harmful for your body.

Use  of supplements will cause dysfunction of heart before old age and Bad Cholesterol level will start increasing. They can promote heart disease. Pregnant women should not use any supplement, this adversely affects embryo and their physical and mental growth does not go well; mothers who feed their children should also not use supplements.

Only pay attention to your diet. Healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. It protects you against many chronic diseases. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially produced trans-fats, are essential for a healthy life.


Dietary Supplements: Usage, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Supplementing is a very good option to improve your health. You can easily find these at the supplement store or chemist shop. They are also high-priced. Don't follow anyone, buy supplements as per your own requirements.

You can both improve your health and deteriorate by supplementing. You must use them smartly.

In today's time, our diet is not as pure as before. Now everything is adulterated because of this we are deprived of many nutrients, you can use supplements to fulfill their needs.

It's great that you use supplements for weight loss and muscle gain because few people are able to pay attention to their body. Always consult your health expert and seek advice from them.

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