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List of things 

I do in lockdown 2020

List of things I do in lockdown

Corona virus has locked everyone in their homes, so at such a time, we have to face it together so that we can beat it and throw it out of the whole world. Whether poor or rich and celebrity or common man, all are imprisoned in their homes and everyone is facing a lot of troubles, but we also have the advantage in this, so as much as possible we will have to save our country by staying at home.

Hello Guys this is Anurag Yadav, Welcome to our Blog. I hope you all are healthy and safe in your homes and if you want to avoid corona virus and stay healthy, then you can read my previous articles that will help you a lot and you will learn something new.


Guys, not only us but the whole world is upset due to being locked in the house, no one knows what to do? In this blog I am going to tell you all the things that I am not bored doing and  I am learning something new, so if you also want to learn something new and want to rise above TV, phone and movies then include all these things in your routine so that you don't feel like you are sitting useless and also you can increase your confidence.

1.Digital Marketing

In today's time, digital marketing has become the fastest growing platform. Every company in India and all over the world is using digital marketing to promote their business and products so that they can reach their services to maximum people as possible.

Digital Marketing

Internet has become the largest marketing place in the world, so you can earn millions using it and in this time when everyone is in their homes and spending many hours on the internet. If you want to step into digital marketing then you have many ways like SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Apps Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC(Pay Per Click), SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and Google AdWords.

You may not have heard these names but I am sure you see them every day. With their help, you can earn as much as you want every month. If you don't have much knowledge about internet, then you can start with social media marketing and affiliate marketing. It is very easy and responsive marketing. Nobody will tell you this option because fear of increasing competition. I am making a lot of money these days by using them.

2.Help Your Family

We are always busy with our work, we usually don't talk much with our family members and we don't understand that what they like and what they don't. Guys, this is the best time to talk to them openly, to understand them and to strengthen the relationship.

You should talk to your father about his work, how much his work was affected by lockdown, Talk to your mother understand them and help them in their work. Try to make them less troublesome and if you do some work for them, then it will strengthen the relationship of both of you.

Help Your Family

 If you have younger brother or sister, then talk to them, know about them, you will feel good by talking to your younger ones, talk about their studies, play with them and teach them good things so that they can grow in respect for you. If you are the youngest in the family, then take care of everyone, help in household chores and at least stay close to your family members.


If you want to take advantage of these holidays then this is a great idea.This is the work that everyone aspires to do, all of them have a keenness to know about it. Editing is not as easy as we all think. You have to give it time to learn, only then you will be able to become a pro editor.

You can earn millions by editing for this, you need perseverance, hard work and patience. You can learn something great and new by using these days properly. 

Editing Software

There is a lot of software available for editing, both in trial and premium versions, I will recommend you to try and learn the trial version first. 

You can learn editing from home by YouTube, websites and online classes, You will get thousands of YouTube videos so that you can learn for free. To do editing you need an advance laptop or desktop that can run heavy software easily and internet connection which is available in everyone's home.


We can't say that we are getting bored in lockdown because in the last several articles I have told you so many ideas that you will have less time to do them and everyone has found reasons to be busy.


 So let's go to our next idea, If you want to refresh yourself and stay away from stress, then start and meditate because everyone is in the house because of the lockdown, people stop coming out so the people who are struggling with diabetes, obesity, blood pressure etc. are coming in a lot of trouble, they are all feeling uncomfortable themselves, so along with work, your health is also important. Meditate twice a day for 20 minutes, if you want to stay fit in lockdown also read this article.

5.Clean Your House

We are able to clean up only maybe two or three times throughout the year and for the whole year we think that the house needs to be cleaned, but neither was our mood nor did we get time. So now we all clean the house together with our family, through this we will be able to spend some good time with our loved ones and our whole house will also be cleaned. 

Clean Your House

If you don't want to clean the whole house, then you can clean your room, belongings and books. We have to help our mother in household chores as much as possible. We always kept telling others that this stuff is not in its place, it has become deteriorated, it is not clean, not knowing how many things we used to tell each other but now we have to take responsibility for keeping the house clean and the biggest thing is that we have to be healthy and hygienic in the crisis of lockdown.

And at the same time, you also add them to your daily routine so that you can improve yourself.


I have told you 8+ ideas which I am doing, I have only told you my ideas, It is up to you to try them or not to try them but it can prove to be very beneficial for you. All I will say is that you please stay home in lockdown, don't go out, do workouts, eat good food, do not panic, support the country and the whole world.

I have told you many ways of digital marketing that can change your life because all people are following traditional jobs like doctors and engineers, I don't say that they do not have scope but I want to say that you can make more money in less time by coming into the world of digital marketing and if you are interested in web marketing, editing, meditation or personality development, then you can watch videos about them on YouTube.

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