Veg Protein Sources: Best 5 High Protein Vegan Foods| Befitinfo

Veg Protein Sources: Best 5 High Protein Vegan Foods | Befitinfo

Veg Protein Sources: 

Best 5 High Protein Vegan Foods

Whenever it is about protein, eggs or meat comes to mind. It is true that non-veg diet contains a very high amount of protein, but vegetarian people too can easily meet their daily protein requirements through vegetarian diet.

Proteins made up of small units called amino acids are essential for repairing damaged cells and creating new ones. It also plays an important role in the formation of tissues, muscles and bones, so the lack of protein in the diet causes many problems. Body builders, gym goers or athletes usually complete protein deficiencies through protein shakes, powders, or supplements.

But in the normal routine, women can get enough protein in their vegetarian diet. Many people use protein powder to fulfill their protein needs.  Everybody keeps searching on the internet how much protein in chicken, how much protein in egg, but today I am going to tell you some sources which are completely vegetarian.

A normal person needs upto sixty grams of protein throughout the day, which he can fulfill his daily requirement by taking 20-20 gms of protein equally in all three miles. Such a quantity of protein is obtained from food.

So, today we are telling you about some such diets, which help in maintaining the amount of protein in your body.



Pulses are considered a very high source of protein. At the same time, sufficient quantity of protein is found in beans, beans and chickpeas.

One cup of lentils contains 17 gm of protein and 16 gm of fiber. So it will be very good for you to consume them during lunch.

Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is very tasty to eat. It is often added to smoothies or eaten with fruits. About 23 grams of protein is found in one cup of Greek yogurt.

In addition, it also has high amounts of calcium and probiotics. You can serve several recipes by making Greek yogurt.

Peanut Butter

peanut butter

Peanut butters and peanuts are rich in fiber, protein and fat. If you want to keep yourself full for a long time with protein deficiency, then put peanut butter on the toast in breakfast or make smoothie with the help of it.

Let us tell you that about seven grams of protein is found in two tablespoons of peanut butter.

Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese

Everyone likes to eat cheese from children to elders. You will also make a lot with its help.
But do you know that 14 grams of protein is found in about half a cup of cheese. 

So make protein part of your daily diet and remove protein deficiency

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soybean soymilk

Soybeans or products made from it are considered a good diet for vegetarians because they contain protein as well as other nutrients.

In addition to soybeans, make tofu or soy milk a part of your diet. Soy milk is good for women who are lactose intolerant and cannot drink milk.

100 gm of soybeans contains approx 18 gm of protein. So what are you waiting for, start eating it today.


As I told you above, how important protein is to your body. Never keep your body protein deficient. Keep completing your protein requirement from time to time and never stop protein intake or increase it immediately.and you have many options to increase your protein intake like Banana, Paneer, Milk, Breads, Chocolate, Protein Bar, Almonds and many more.I wish you a good health.

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