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What To Do At Home In Lockdown [Best Tips]

Since we are sitting at home because of the lockdown, we are worried when the lockdown is over. Because we have to go out, wander and meet everyone. Earlier we used to think that when there is a time when we have to do nothing and today when that time has come, it became difficult for us to stay at home because we are bored sitting in our house. There is no work to be done, cannot go out and meet anyone.

Before we used to take a break after doing any work but now the whole time has become a long break and in this situation we also have to stay at home so why not do something that keeps our mind at home, we can be happy and beneficial and let us use this time so that we do not know when the time has passed.

We should not depend on TV, phone and sleep all day long. In the early days, I also did the same thing, I regret it now I got used to them and my eyes started to have a very bad effect. Loss of appetite, sleepiness, mood swings and stress were all common. So you should not depend on a few things.


I am going to tell you 10 interesting ideas with their help, you will bye this time easily and in these days you will get to learn something new. Do not hold your life because of the lockdown, you may not be able to do your work but you can definitely improve your life in this time.

1.Movies and web series

Apart from watching TV and sleeping all day, you can watch movies and web series so that you keep your mind up.You can watch a horror movie once in a week and a comedy movie daily to enjoy the lockdown days. Must watch movies, it will keep your mood very good and keep your mind calm. 

You have many options in movies and web series, just click on whatever you like.There may be many movies in your life that were released at a time when the work load on you was high or your exams were going on, then now is the time when you can watch them all and enjoy them one by one, for this, you have many platforms available like Netflix, Jio Cinema and Amazon Prime.


2.Learn a new language

You can learn something new while sitting at home that is, a new language, whether it is Python or Java or French, Bengali, English and so many languages ​​options you have. Learning different languages ​​is never wasted, It definitely comes into use at some point in life.You can grow yourself and another name of life is to grow or you can also say to make progress in yourself and in your life.


3.Maintenance of your personal data

This is a work that we needed to have a peaceful and long time to do and today it is in front of us, so start without ruining it. Delete photos and videos that are in your phone without any use. Delete unnecessary screenshots that have caused the storage of your phone.

Make your system junk free, fast and secure by deleting the extra files you have on your phone, laptop or hard disk. During this time, whatever your accounts are on Google or on any social media platform, secure them and increase their security.You can delete bad memories and old chat history from them, you can clean your desktop if you want.



This is the most basic option you have. Which you are probably doing this honestly before my suggestion and maybe doing it all day. Please do not be a total dependent on TV. Explore your life, learn new things. Yes you can see a few hours, you can see 4 hours a day but not continuously. This is a good option that does not know when the time has passed but there are many disadvantages of watching TV as well. Which will have a very bad effect on your health.



This can be a great option for those who like to read. Means those who are always reading something or the other. If you do not read, you can develop this habit actually it is a very good habit to keep yourself busy and to learn something new. In it you can read ebooks on horror, motivational, historical and interesting topics. 

With this, you will not lose your habit of studying and you will become a great learner and can improve your skills. You will easily find eBooks on Amazon, Apple Books, Smashwords and Google Play Books.

Reading Ebooks


If you are fond of games then this is a good time for you to spend this time playing games.If you wanted to play games or learn games, but you never got time, then this is your best chance to fulfill your wish.I will recommend you to play games on laptop this will not cause any problem in your phone nor will it harm your health.

You can also play online games with your friends,this will keep your relations good. If you want to play the games, then Call of Duty, PUBG, GTA 5, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and MAFIA 3 are going to be very good games for you.You can also earn money by playing many games.


7.Group Video Calls

You have not met anyone for a long time and you are missing all friends, then group video call is the best option for you. As we all do not have the habit of sitting at home for so many days, so we miss our loved ones.

 In these days, even enemies can be remembered at a time when the whole world is closed but you can make yourself happy with a group video call or a voice call, talk to your loved ones about lockdown, we can suggest each other to prevent the corona virus.


8.New to social media

If you have not yet come on the social media platform, then now you have the best time to use it. You have a very good chance of creating your account.

In which you can learn how to run all social media apps.Create your profile, connect with your friends and relatives and share your life, give your suggestions on Prevention of corona virus during lockdown and if you are already on social media then there are some social media platforms that less people use such as Twitter and LinkedIn

These are very good apps, use them, they increase our knowledge, we get to know what is happening in the country and the world. If you are more inclined towards entertainment then you can download TikTok, this will keep you busy and happy.


9.Home workout

At this time when all the fitness centers and gyms are closed and you need to increase your immunity, then you must exercise at your home by sitting at home, our body has become lazy and at this time we have to keep the body healthy for this, half an hour will have to be given to exercise, if you watch TV, Play games or Movies all day, then your mind becomes restless.

To keep your body fit, you have to exercise so that we will be able to fight against the corona virus. I have told 15 such exercises in my Previous article that you can do at home which is very beneficial and make easy to avoid corona virus. Do include them in your daily routine.


10.New YouTube channel

Maybe you are tired of doing everything in lockdown, but this option will be very useful for you.You can keep yourself busy by opening a new YouTube channel.
All you have to do is whatever you are good at or if you have any talent and can teach others something, then this platform is for you. 

You can take great advantage of this lockdown. You can add your content to your channel daily. If you have patience and bring your talent to the people so you can earn both money and name.
 You will be able to improve your life through this and can show the whole world a sample of your ability.



I have told you 10 such ideas, by which you will feel happy and fresh in lockdown. I just want to tell you that you should not do any one thing continuously for the whole day by doing this you will mess with your health.

These days we have got to avoid the corona virus, so that we all stay at home and be healthy.Do not take these days lightly, these days can change our life.Don't let them go in vain you must learn something new and increase your knowledge.

Improve yourself, quit bad habits and adopt good habits. In these days it is very important that our nutrition should be good.If you want to increase your immunity, you can read our Previous article and exercise daily so that we can stay away from all diseases. I reiterate it again, make good use of these days, do not let them go in vain.

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